LEIF wins Ticketing Business of the Year at the 2021 Ticketing Business Awards

The 2021 TICKETING BUSINESS AWARDS has recognised the Live Entertainment Industry Forum (LEIF), for its leadership and achievements over the past year, awarding LEIF the prestigious Ticketing Business of the Year Award.  

LEIF received the award in front of more than 450 industry leaders, including commercial directors, music promoters, venues, and sports teams at the ninth annual awards ceremony, held in Manchester on December 2nd, 2021.

The TICKETING BUSINESS OF THE YEAR recognises leadership, innovation, and achievement in the application of ticketing across sports, performing arts, music, cinema, live entertainment, and visitor attractions.

LEIF is the first industry body to receive the award in recognition for delivering the power of collective lobbying for both industry financial support and reopening the live entertainment industry safely.

Formed in 2020 by Australia’s biggest promoters of entertainment and sport, venue managers, and key peak bodies, LEIF’s mission is to support the safe reactivation of events with live audiences across Australia as restrictions across the nation ease. LEIF launched a comprehensive, flexible, all-of-industry re-opening and risk management strategy that met the needs of public, governments, performers, and industry, with safety at its core.

“We work in a fiercely competitive industry, and that is just how we like it, but I have also been blown away by the unprecedented levels of collaboration we’ve achieved in the past 19 months in battling the common enemy, COVID. A big thank you then to the judges for thinking outside of the square and awarding the 2021 Ticketing Business of The Year Award to the Live Entertainment Industry Forum. Thank you also to Australia’s biggest promoters of entertainment and sport, venue managers, ticketing companies, and key peak bodies for sharing our vision in response to the pandemic to cooperate, engage with governments and advocate for the strong return that our industry is now looking forward to in 2022,” said Geoff Jones, CEO of TEG and Co-Chair of LEIF.

“LEIF has given a lot of us firsthand insight into the important work that advocacy bodies do and just how hard they work. The forum coming together has been better than we could have dreamed in terms of unity in the industry. Thank you for the acknowledgement of the work on behalf of everyone in our industry. It’s great to see our efforts being recognised overseas.” said Roger Field, President of Live Nation Asia Pacific and Co-Chair of LEIF.

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